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6 Yoga Poses to Solve Your Menstruation Problem

The current lifestyle changes in one’s life are leading to a lot of changes in the woman’s body. The most shocking one is of menstruation issues that the women face. Irregular menstruation, painful periods,  PMS, and the most frightening trend of the issue: Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease PCOD all the issues which a large number of women are going through. the numbers are increasing day by day.

According to an article on India Times , 1 in 5 women in India suffer from PCOD or as it is also called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS.

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Life Lessons My First Trek Taught Me

I have always been this curious soul who yearns for something new. Trekking was always on my mind since I started loving the outdoors. But it was not until I joined my workplace where I found like-minded people and I ventured on my first ever trek to Ratangad in Maharashtra.

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How Learning Zumba Changed Me

There is always that moment of epiphany or a sudden realization in one’s life, when you just push yourself to do something which you have been wanting to do since a long time. There is this one moment when you just go like, Damn Everything! I am just going ahead with this!

I was planning on learning a new dance form since a long time. As it happens there were too many things which stopped me from it. But then one fine day, it was my moment of epiphany.

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The Best 6 Diy Bookmark Videos You Should Definitely Watch

Books are our way of venturing into a new world. If reality feels too hammering, we just take a book and say goodbye to reality.

The moment we land our eyes on a book… Puff! Gone! Both the book and us.

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